Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inside, Outside, Blessings mine

I'm a homebody. It's in my hobbity nature to be so. But then again, I am a hobbit of the Tookish sort, and do relish the occasional adventure. On autumn days when I was little, I used to like to stand with one foot in the door and one out on the front step, trying to decide. "In or out, in or out?" my grandmother would scold. "I'm not paying to heat the neighborhood!" Ha--funny memory. In or out, in or out...I guess I love them both.

Counting blessings

460 - bringing in some bittersweet

461 - off with the fairies

462 - the clean smell of soapy steam

463 - finding the sky in the creek

464 - the company of a good book

465 - loving the sound that crows make

466 - home fires

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, everyone. xox

Joining Ann today


Kim Hyland said...

Jodi, we came out of the same mold! Your words, your pictures . . they make my heart sighhhhhhh. I AM going to meet you someday! Especially now that I know you host wandering bloggers (read your post about Nancy's visit ;). Happy Thanksgiving from a kindred spirit. I thank God for you and how visiting you here always warms my soul. XO

Amy Smith said...

I am exactly the same kind of Tookish hobbit as you are. :)

Janie Fox said...

I agree with all of these!! I looked for bittersweet this fall and couldn't find any! Now I have the Christmas stuff up. Deck the halls... I am playing the tunes too!

amy said...

i can't decide either. i love them both. and i don't think i've ever told you but my daughter loves acorns, has an acorn collection. she just got an entire box of acorns that looks just like that one hanging by your fire. and i showed her your picture and now she wants to hang them all by our fire. hobbit.

Olivia said...

I love your pictures Jodi! And your hobbit-ish Took-like spirit that sounds so very familiar to me!

Unknown said...

I tend to be outside more but now that I'm aging (like fine cheese of course) i find myself drawn to the fire and the books and the snacks and the snacks.

Love your post. It really does my heart good to sneak over here. :)

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh...lovely! i'm the same way...inside or out today?? :)

mountain mama

Jodi said...

I'm glad to be among so many fine and admirable hobbits.

Janie - bittersweet was given by my friend Joan. It grows wild on her property. LUCKY!

Olivia - Of course it does! ;)

Ostrich - Yes, quite like fine cheese.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine you as a kid, Jodi!
Love that image of the doorway and I believe I've heard that same reproach about wasting heat!
Speaking of kids, the picture of "Nan-girl" and you suited up with foil hats is one of my favorites. Your expression looks just like a kid.I've had to revisit that post just to see it.
The bittersweet looks so pretty with the gold wall and the red/orange curtain echoing its colors,and its wild growth contrasting the filagree mirror. I love the memory of picking it with you especially right before your dx was clear. For this I give thanks and for many other gifts here at Curious Acorn!!
Love and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy said...

You've gotten so much good feedback about my visit, I may just have to come back! I can just see you standing there, one foot in, one foot out. I don't remember the acorn by the fireplace, but I do remember the warmth of the fire--and not just from the burning logs.

Happy Thanksgiving, my hobbit friend! Oh, and I love what you said about Anne Shirley's prayer over at my place!

Jodi said...

Joan - thank you again for the bittersweet. That was a fun day. Remember how they were all yellow and closed up tight? Well, they have popped like you said they would.

Nancy - I hope you do come back.xx said...

oh my gracious I loved this post! thank you. of course, with Tinker Creek on my brain, several of your photos suited perfectly. also, i think we are related Tookish hobbits. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lyndsay said...

I just love the picture of the knitting hands sitting on your bookshelf!

Leslie said...

thankful for the beauty that always shines forth from your life and your spirit.

Jodi said...

Tamara, you've got me wanting to re-read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. :)

Lyndsay, that card is beautiful, isn't it? My daughter sent it to me from New Zealand.

Leslie, likewise. <3

Sylvia said...

Oh my! You're inspiring me to go fix up this place for Thursday!

Jodi said...

Sylvia, happy to be inspirational. ;)

Cheryl said...

Inside or out, there really is beauty every where. You sure know where to look for it.

Amy said...

The sky in the creek gave me a wow moment. Thanks:) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

amy in peru said...

i love how you see things. and i think i'm a took too, if we look way back :)

amy in peru

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Beautiful blessings to share! I think finding the sky in the creek took my breath away for a few seconds. What a blue! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jodi!

Val said...

Lovely blessings list :0)

I could get lost in the creek photograph fact I did for a while it's quite magical

Jewels said...

"funny memory. In or out, in or out...I guess I love them both." as, "I'm a homebody. It's in my hobbity nature to be so. But then again, I am a hobbit of the Tookish sort, and do relish the occasional adventure." <3

"To get the full value of a joy you must have somebody {or, as in this case, a delightful manybodys} to divide it with."

Thank-you, to the *you* of the blessing list, for *being a blessing in sharing your list of blessings*~~through your eyes and from your heart, in your loveliest Jodian way.

Pretty, pretty, pretty~~every single picture~~each for it's own reasons in it's own special way. So-loved the color and the light of them all; one brilliant, another subdued, each so delightful, one by one.

So precious, that "curious acorn" of a little gal in you, that lives in the beautiful grown up person~~thanks, for letting what's in come out, and saying yes, to the dividing of your joy. <3 xo

Emily said...

I was going to tell you which photo was my favorite, but then I couldn't decide. I love all of them - so cosy. Especially that bittersweet, the soapy steam, and that GORGEOUS stream!

Unknown said...

I love Jewels comment .

and the crow photo.

I love that you embrace , that you see and create beauty right where you are. I wonder if there was ever a time when it was more of a longing or have you always been at peace with this.

I am too much of a jumble of likes and loves. I fill a room with shiny sleek and it makes my heart happy and then I long for rustic . So I start over and it feels all tired and makes me edgy like I need to fix or clean so I start over and try something else. I prefer outside because the decisions are already made for me ;) said...

I am hoping, hoping, hoping you won't mind that I included the photo of the birds in the tree -- along with your blog link as photo credit. It was the middle of the night and I just couldn't help myself and so I hoped you wouldn't mind and posted it??


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