Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Come-a to my house - Guest Blogger: Rhys Lake

People are special. 

Our uniqueness; our individual personalities, passions and stories.

As a photographer, I am always inspired in meeting new people and having the opportunity to hear some of their personal journey. What drives them and gets them up in the morning.

Our homes are one such extension of how we view life. Our houses become homes when we fill them with pieces that mean something to us. We can point to pieces of furniture and seemingly meaningless items in our homes with a sense of excitement, thinking back to the time, place or person involved when we found them. Our homes, then, are one such way of expressing our style and journey.

Therefore, what a privilege it was, to have Curious Acorn, aka. Jodi Lenz, open her home and allow me to showcase it. I hope, as I'm sure she does also, that as you explore her home that you are inspired to express your style and journey in your own unique way.

Click here to take the tour.


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