Monday, January 13, 2014

Therein Lies the Problem

John Adair had little liking for the simple life; he said it was not simple, but the most damnably complicated method of wasting time that had every existed. He liked a constant supply of hot water, a refrigerator, an elevator, an electric toaster, a telephone beside his bed, central heating and electric fires, and anything whatever that reduced the time spent upon the practical side of living to a minimum and left him free to paint.
But Sally [his daughter] did not want to be set free for anything, for it was living itself that she enjoyed. She liked lighting a real fire of logs and fir cones, and toasting bread on an old-fashioned toaster. And she liked the lovely curve of an old staircase and the fun of running up and down it. And she vastly preferred writing a letter and walking with it to the post to using the telephone and hearing with horror her voice committing itself to things she would never have dreamed of doing if she'd had the time to think. "It's my stupid brain," she said to herself. "I like the leisurely things, and taking my time about them. That's partly why I like children so much, I think. They're never in a hurry to get on to something else.” 
― Elizabeth GoudgePilgrim's Inn

Sunday, January 5, 2014

This little light of mine

Lookee what I got for Christmas!  A colonial style mold for taper candles.  For awhile now, I've been collecting beeswax from our hives, and this is just the type of mold I had hoped for.  Now let me start by saying I usually find making things to be relaxing.  BUT NOT THIS TIME!!  

Threading the wick through this thing was a -----.  Well, let's just say it could provoke undignified language, (which would certainly dim this little light of mine *ahem*). 

Especially when you have to KEEP re-threading it until you get it right. After I few deep breaths, I realized that candle making has the ability to evoke the fruit of patience. 

I learned something cool in the process:  the difference between fruit and candles is that you cannot make fruit, though you can bear it...

...but you can make candles - if you can bear it.

Four of the candles popped out easily.  Two are still stuck.  There's an enlightening lesson in there somewhere.


Even though the making is not easy, it is worth it.  No turning back.  This little light of mine, la la la....


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