Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hearing in Color

When I hear music, I see paintings in my head. When I hear words, I see color. That's how my brain works, and I thank God for it. So listening to music and drawing and painting go hand in hand for me. Some of the most artistically inspiring music for me comes from a group called The Innocence Mission. Their song Bright As Yellow, written by Karen Peris, from their CD "Glow", is a favorite. Click the link and have a listen.

Bright As Yellow

And you live life with your arms reached out.
Eye to eye when speaking.
Enter rooms with great joy shouts,
Happy to be meeting.
And bright,
bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.
And I do not want to be a rose.
I do not wish to be pale pink,
But flower scarlet, flower gold.
And have no thorns to distance me,
but be bright,
bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.
Even if I'm shining, even if I'm shining here inside.
Even if I'm shouting, do you see that I'm wanting,
that I want to be so
bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.


Zach said...

Ah, synesthesia. I remember watching someone whose brain operated in the same manner excitedly dumping the contents of a brand new box of color pencils into a heap on a table top. They immediately grabbed their head and shouted something akin to "oh no, what did I just do!" I imagine that inside their head they must have heard something similiar to a stadium where every single occupant was shouting in a different key.

Anonymous said...

Interesting because I experience the opposite, hearing music when I look at and experience things. I was taking time out in a quiet place today at work to pray for a friend and about half-way through I suddenly heard music. I stopped and listened hard - and then just relaxed and enjoyed what I heard. No words, just music. The only literal sound was the HVAC system (I was alone in a storage room). It helped me to continue in prayer and I believe God used it to help me pray for things I never would have thought of by myself.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the whole music and color being inspirational. I always feel really inspired when listening to music in the car. The combination between hearing the music and seeing things fly by out the window always gives me ideas about if I were making a movie or capturing different scenes with photos.

Really love your photo and pastel drawing too. I agree the color yellow is one of my favorites. It always makes me feel really excited and energized.


gabywen said...

Yellow is a color I love to look at, and cheers me up. And I do enjoy many types of music. But alas, I inherited a different type of mind; when I hear words I see them written, when I hear music I think clearer, but I don't have that artistic colorful mind you have.
So I admire your work all the more. :)

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about what you said about seeing paintings when you hear music. Your work is gifted with a freedom that is fluid, like music. You go with it, and what comes out from you is freeing.
Often, I see words in my mind and if I read the word too quickly, I'll say the word wrong.
All kinds of minds! Instead of telling things in straight lines, I've been told that I tell an impression, I paint what I'm saying, and leave the whole thought to the listener. It all ends up being rather wordy, but my soul is grateful to have expressed.
When I hear Karen Peris' poetry, my heart swells. So many truths are spoken between the lines. They resonate many layers of familiar glimpses into life. Though I haven't walked her roads, somehow I feel accompanied by her artistic vision.

Joan Drennen

megan!lee said...

I LOVE YOU. this picture is amazing. AMAZING. and you are amazing. AAAMMMMAAAZZZINGGGGGGGG!

megan!lee said...

i wish i could do what you do. i hope one day i have like half the talent you do. this is gorgeous, like everything you do. you have an amazing talent.


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