Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making stuff

My most vivid memory of loving to make things was in third grade. I had made a castle out of sugar cubes for a history project. I dreaded going to school. School always made me anxious. But I remembered just sitting there, perfectly content, gluing the cubes together to build a castle wall. I was in the zone. I don't remember if I ever finished that project. What I do remember is how I felt creating it--pure joy.

I have always had a need to make things. But what is curious to me is that I am much more interested in process than in product. It can be so satisfying just to learn how, and if something beautiful comes out of it, even better. But just a mess is okay, too.

I had an art teacher who once said, "If you start a painting expecting a masterpiece, you'll get nothing. But if you go at it for the joy of it, willing to take risks, you just might have a masterpiece in the end." I thought it would be fun to take a risk by starting a blog and sharing with anyone who is interested in my messes and successes. Here we go....

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