Thursday, October 8, 2009

Edible Art

Over the weekend my husband and I, along with some friends, visited a little cafe called The Springerle House in Strasburg, PA. These gorgeous little works of art are made on the premises. I could have stared at them for hours. The leaflet that came with the biscuits said that the molds used to make these "came to Lancaster County around 1710 and are among the most treasured possessions of the Pennsylvania German immigrants". I bought some and kept them for nearly a week before I could bring myself to actually eat one. They are not only beautiful, but delicious, especially with a cup of tea. By the way, the shop had a great selection of looseleaf teas as well. If you ever visit the little town of Strasburg, this is a place not to miss.

Here's a close-up of just a few of the many "picture cookies" that The Springerle House has to offer.


monix said...

How incredibly beautiful;I can understand how you found it difficult to eat them. These glimpses into the past, when people had far harsher lives than we do and yet cared so much about showing their appreciation of everything around them, are so inspiring. You have a great talent for finding these things. Thank you for sharing them.

Jodi said...


Thank you so much for the kind comment. It makes me wonder if the harshness of life prodded people to notice and to
create little sparks of beauty where they were. I think this is one of the
things that has attracted me to working as a living historian. You find
that some of the items used on the farm for even the crudest labor have
decoration or ornamentation that is just so touching.

ThatFowlerGirl said...

Hey Curious Acorn,

Ooohh--art you can eat! Finally! *Angels sing* They taste every bit as good as they look, and if you wanted to by any chance...oh I don't know--give me another one, well..."Swing away, Merrill. Merrill, swing away." ;)

diz said...

Amazing how much attention to detail they have, something we don't often do these days it seems. Lovely !

Jodi said...

Diz, yeah, I agree. Quite amazing isn't it? I found out that in the past, Springerle cookies were given as betrothal gifts, and also to mark other family celebrations and events in history.

Jodi said...

Dear FowlerGirl,

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... no

Terra said...

I immediately said this is incredibly beautiful, and then saw Monix used these same words to describe the cookies.
They are works of art and like you said, almost too pretty to eat.
I've never seen them before.

Jodi said...


I agree - they are incredibly beautiful. If you'd like to see or learn more, Springerle House has a website:

(no, I don't work for

Anonymous said...

Those cookies were the most delicious art I have ever eaten. (no need to mention the only) :0!

The AC Phyllis (BTW... how am I annoymous if I keep posting my name??) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Jodi said, "Dear FowlerGirl,

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... no"

*snorts with laughter*

-AC Phyllis


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