Saturday, October 17, 2009

Very cool and worth the listen...


Niamh said...

I played the video without sound because the Little Miss is sleeping, but that was really neat! (I'll have to listen to it with sound once she wakes up.)
One correction I would make to the video is that, as history has taught us, each generation has the same problems, they just come up with different ways to make the same mistakes or choose the same way to correct their mistakes (the only way being through repentance and Christlikeness - regardless of religious persuasion).
It is a lie that in our transgressions we are unique. Our enemy needn't be so creative when the same lies and tricks fool us consistently.
I was just playing my violin before I looked at this post, 'cause I want to play something in church for Christmas, so I think I am going to play Come Emmanuel. That song makes me think of how sad it is to be a clueless human, wanting to live a better life but not realizing how easy it is to obtain it, and so finding momentary solace in trivial pursuits. The song being a prayer to Christ to come as a baby and die in order to set humanity free from its slavery to sin. I didn't realize how bitter sweet the song is. Any how, the song in my mind speaks to the same disorder of humanity that the youtube video does.
Anyhow, in efforts to stop thinking about the sadness of humanity I'm going to make a cake.

Jodi said...

Beautifully put, Niamh. I do hope you get to listen to it with sound, as even the tone and inflection of the narrator make the piece what it is. Also not to miss the declaration of hope - the turning around - the metanoia. O Come, o come, Emmanuel.


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