Saturday, December 19, 2009

Belsnickels and Pavs, or from PA to the bottom of the world

It's becoming a tradition for our friend Andy to read this delightful book aloud to our family at Christmas time. He does a beautiful job reciting the story of the visitation of the Belsnickel in the lilting dialect of his Pennsylvania German ancestry.

Our granddaughter was enthralled. Thanks, Andy.

a page from the book giving a little of the cultural background of this PA German folklore.

Also, our eldest daughter who lives in New Zealand is home visiting for the holidays. She made us a Pavlova, a traditional Kiwi dessert.

What do you think, Rhys?

Can't wait to taste it!

Need we say more?

Here's a link to a recipe AllRecipes for a pav if you'd like to try it. She omitted the coconut.


Rhys Lake said...

Woohoo - my fiancee is amazing!! :D

Well done babe, very very proud of you! Slightly embarrassed by the fact that I haven't made a pavlova myself :) It looks great!

Miss you guys xox

monix said...

Jodi, your granddaughter is beautiful and obviously already enthralled by the family traditions. Have a wonderful family holiday.

em said...

Thanks for the tip Jodi,
I just ordered the book! I saw that they also had one called Pennsylvania Dutch Alphabet - that will be next time.
How nice that your daughter is home for Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday.

Jodi said...


You're right - she is amazing. Going to have a hard time mailing her back ;) oxo

Jodi said...

Thank you, Maureen. Having the baby here is wonderful. A blizzard hit our area over this weekend, so we're buried in twenty inches of snow, and loving every minute of the family time together.

Jodi said...


You're welcome - hope you enjoy the book. And thank you for the well wishes. Yes, it is very nice having our daughter home from so far away. I think we're going to have a tough time when everyone leaves. But never mind that :) Happy holidays!



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