Friday, December 11, 2009

"Candy doesn't have to have a point...that's why it's candy"

So says Charlie Bucket in the movie Willy Wonka, and is another one of my favorite movie quotes. Which leads to this next little adventure--making a candy tree. Inexpensive and fun, it's a trip down memory lane for me, since my Aunt Betty would make them for us kids. I LOVED THEM. I would only allow myself one piece of candy every few days to make it last a long time.

You'll need at least two bags of hard candy, a glue gun, and an empty thread cone.

Starting at the bottom, glue one end of the candy wrapper to the cone. Continue around, working your way up to the top.

Ta - da!


Niamh said...

Sweet! you have to show us the little candy ornaments you are going to make to put on it.

Stephanie Ann said...

These are so cute. I bet you could even stick a pipe cleaner star on the top.

Jodi said...

That's a great idea Steph!


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