Sunday, December 6, 2009

Counting Blessings #6

holy experience

25 - Gingerbread

26 - Being related to the world's greatest chili makers

27 - First snow of the season

28 - dé·tente (dā-tänt', -täɴt') n. A relaxing or easing, as of tension between rivals.

29 - Fathers and sons


Zach said...

Excellent picture definition of detente. So many nations' relationships would have benefited from a comfy settee. Instead they had to settle for relaxed trade restrictions and ping pong diplomacy.

Niamh said...

I do not like when loved one's are lost and you become aware of how thankful you are for them through the process of mourning the hole they left in your heart. Not that you were not aware of how thankful you were to have them be a part of you; but, like a sore thumb, you become more aware of your thankfulness through the pain. I have a goose shaped hole in my heart...a 20+ lb goose shaped hole.

Jodi said...

Mike and I are so sorry about Lucy ,Niamh,she was a sweet pet and we know how much you loved her.:( oxo


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