Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty in my own backyard

After church on Sunday, we weren't in a hurry to go home, being that it was very sunny out, and a balmy 42 degrees. Compared to the weather we've been having--cold wind and hip-high snow, snow, and more snow--it wasn't a day to be wasted indoors.
"Where do you want to go?" my husband asked. "I don't know - anywhere", I replied. After a little meandering, we ended up in Valley Forge, a Revolutionary War encampment and now a national park. I remembered that someone had recommended that we visit the George Washington Memorial Chapel, located in the park. I'm so glad we did.

The pamphlet referred to this place as "an amazing poem in stone". Indeed.

gasp! an elf!

This chapel is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It's easy to see why.

Funny story about this picture...I decided to use this for a new profile picture on my blog. When I went to change the picture, the computer replied, "fetching photo..." and I thought, "Wow, thanks!" Then I realized it meant retrieving, not fetching as in attractive. Hahaha - a very HAL moment. Ahem! back to the tour.


I have a thing for heraldry and arched doorways

just love it

bell tower

everywhere you turn there's something beautiful to look at

all this and hot chocolate, too

Plus, can you believe it - a used bookstore right behind the chapel. Proceeds go to its care and upkeep.

Found this inscription on the flyleaf in an old copy of Wuthering Heights. It reads, "The treasure shared shall not diminish, if you return it when you finish".

What a treasure-filled afternoon, and only a few miles from home.


em said...

What a perfect Sunday you had!

Stephanie Ann said...

The photos are very beautiful. It looks very pretty with the snow. The pictures of Miss B. are stunning.

Jodi said...

Margaretha, thank you, it certainly was.

Jodi said...

Stephanie Ann ;-), Miss. B. was pleased with your comment. Hope to see you on Saturday. I have a surprise for you.

Thatfowlergirl said...

It was really nice to see that chapel on Sunday. I hope to climb that high bell tower next time we go so I can see the view! Oh, and Stephanie, thanks so much for your comment :-D

Alexis said...

What a BEAUTIFUL chapel! I love the East Coast, so much history to sift through! The pictures of the doors and stained glass are awesome. I love the pic of the old books.

Jodi said...

Alexis, you're right, the chapel is beautiful. There is so much early American history in the area where I live. Working part-time in a living history museum has helped me to really appreciate it.

Joan said...

These photos are gorgeous!!
The thread of blue that runs through all of them makes them one of my favorite groups so far. Not to mention the completely fetching one of you (we all cracked up!)

Jodi said...

Joan, glad the "fetching" one made you laugh. It made us laugh, too. Serves me right - my vanity knows no bounds :)


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