Saturday, February 20, 2010

More chickens

Partner in crafty crime and I needed to go to the local thrift shop to buy her some new clothes, since she flatly refuses to stop growing. When a hobbit marries an elf, you might expect at least one shorty in the bunch. Nope. (I know what you're going to say, Joy, but my answer is "quiet you", you're taller than me).
Anyhoo, while searching for the aforementioned garb for youngest elf, I serendipitously spied this cunning chickie matryoshka doll. Cheap, cheap! (get it?) Just the thing for spring. Sticker on the bottom says "Made in U.S.S.R".
очень хорошо!


alive2003 said...

Haha "Cheap, cheap!"

I was actually saying to Daniel yesterday that Partner has grown --> in 2 1/2" heels she was towering over me!

Also, Joy has nothing to winge about. She's taller than most, and may still be taller than her sister!

alive2003 said...

I should specify about the previous post that I was the one wearing the heels :)

Joy said...

hahahahaa yeah, glad to hear it wasn't Daniel wearing the heels. And I didn't winge, I'm happy to be a shorty. Although, I'm not quite a hobbit so, I'd love to be able to wear 2 1/2" heels :(

Joan said...

Such a cute and unusual matryoshka doll! What a find, and just after the arrival of Mabel:)
I've never seen one with a big doll and a flock of little 'uns, just the ones that come in a range of sizes that fit into each other.
coming from a very disuniform in stature (!) couple ourselves, hobbits and elves make great kids (and grands!)

Jodi said...

Dear Joan,
I quite agree. BTW, let's set a date to get together soon.


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