Monday, March 15, 2010

Bottling Green

Do you see this beautiful bottle of Boot's Rose & Lavender Bath Oil? I LOVE this stuff! My sweetie gave me my first bottle at Christmas. I'm now on my fourth. I go through this product like nobody's business. You know, the directions say to use one capful per bath - less is more. But I'm just not a one capful kind of girl. I'm a more-is-more. Anyway, to throw away these lovely glass bottles seemed wasteful, so I've been looking for a way to repurpose them. Here's a great idea I found at DesignSponge:

This is a really easy project, even for kids, and a great addition to your nature table, if you have one. I dug up some moss from my backyard, and made both a jar and a bottle terrarium.

Putting moss in the bottle can be a little tricky. Using a chopstick was really helpful to move the moss around and arrange it the way I wanted. Chopsticks are great - not only for eating, but also for their versatilty. They're one of my favorite craft tools. Only be sure to keep your craft chopsticks separate from your eating chopsticks :)

Ta - da!

Place your mini-terrariums in bright indirect light. Enjoy.


Val said...

lovely..what a good idea

Alexis said...


Stephanie Ann said...

They look very pretty. I like the chopstick idea.

JoAnn said...

That's awesome. You are so crafty, and now I have a way to use chopsticks...I can't eat with them, but maybe..

Jodi said...

Thanks everyone, I think I need to make a couple more of these; they're really fun.

Niamh said...

I love terrariums! It's like the outside bottled in that commercial of the little boy bottling up the fresh air then taking it back home to his grandfather's birthday to help the grandfather blow out the candles. Putting a mini-terrarium in a bottle is just like that! Very Cool idea...and chopsticks for getting the earth inside the bottle, how very clever...and oh how hungry I am for Vietnamese right now!

Simmy said...

Is that BOOTS the Engliah company? Amber has just got a job there on Sundays so I WILL have to get her to find it. I love Rose and Lavender.

Btw we move on 30th (next door!) will send address soon.xxxxx

Jodi said...

Yes Simmy, the English company Target started carrying it over here. Good luck with the move! By the way, did the chocolate chippies ever arrive? If not, Mike said he was going to suspect your postman. :)

Joy said...

Four! How excessive! How Indulgent! hee hee hee But at least you do something cool which them. I agree, it's hard to throw out cool glass bottles. I also agree that more is more...especially when using oregano...or any spice for that matter.



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