Sunday, March 28, 2010


holy experience

Counting blessings

98 - the glow of forsythias on a cloudy day

99 - curiosity

100 - taking time to smell the flowers

101 - favorite reading spots

102 - red pears


monix said...

I love to read your Counting Blessings posts - they make me count my own blessings, of which there are many!

Val said...

They do make a nice thoughtful start to the week..Thank you :0)

Niamh said...

I love #100...who knew 7 month olds like to smell petunias? And, I do believe your book collection has grown since I last saw it.

JoAnn said...

red pears? I dislike pears, they are too mealy for me...I think I spelled that wrong. You may have mine.
Your bookshelf is awesome, it looks like mine. Because, who has time to put books back neatly? LOVE IT!

Jodi said...

JoAnn, you don't like pears? You mean there's something we DON'T have in common? ;) "Who has time to put books back neatly?" What are you implying? LOL!

Jodi said...

Niamh, I love #100 too and I miss her. Yes, my book collection keeps growing.

Jodi said...

Monix and Val, thanks! Counting blessings keeps our outlook positive, doesn't it.

Stephanie Ann said...

:D The bookshelf. There seems to be a bookshelf cycle, the books start out nice and neat then they slowly become tilted and unorganized until one day you look at it and it's "What happened to this? It was all organized!!" And then you have to take them all off and organize again. It's probably God's way of making us dust our bookshelves.


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