Monday, April 12, 2010


holy experience

Counting blessings

119 - mail from Miss Audrey

120 - ruby slippers
(for $5 - yeah, baby!)

121 - tea at Joan's house

122 - being married to a fella who knows how to spoil a girl

123 - soap that smells like fresh cut oranges


JoAnn said...

a breath of fresh air. Thanks Jodi. Your ruby slippers are KILLING ME! And now I want soft serve.

Joan said...

Still smiling from your visit, Miss Acorn, Bickerstaff, and Crafty Partner. Just what the Doctor ordered! My cup runneth over, lemon seeds and all!

Rayanne said...

How sweet! As I was looking through your pictures and came across your tea time...I got so excited,
I have the very same tea pot!!!
Lovely post.
I really like your cute red slippers too!

Val said...

A cuppa, icecream and orange scented soap ...bliss :0)

Niamh said...

Wow- Audrey is really finding herself artistically! We need to start a sisterhood of the red shoes (Audrey should be an honorary member because I know she shares a soul stocked with red shoes). And I love scented items that you just want to eat, though they are not edible...I had some raspberry deodorant once, loved it, but it did not taste as it smelled - disappointment.

Jodi said...

Thanks for the slipper love, ladies. Everyone should own a pair of red shoes. Makes the day a happy one.

Jodi said...

Rayanne - that beautiful teapot belongs to my friend Joan :)

Val - bliss, indeed. I SO agree.

His girl with the red boots - did you REALLY TASTE the deodorant?

Stephanie Ann said...

I like your shoes too, but I really love the smell of oranges. They make your hands smell so good after you peel them.

Niamh said...

Yes, really did taste the deodorant. Stephanie, I will recommend to you a product called Fast Orange. It is a mix of citrus and pumice that car mechanics use to get the grease and oil off their hands before they touch more delicate things. It smells just like oranges, and I believe there is a lemon scented flavor too.


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