Sunday, May 23, 2010

Count it all joy

holy experience

Counting blessings

I have this hazy memory of being very, very young and running through what seemed like an endlessly long back yard, with green grass and warm, yellow light. There was the excitement of being by myself--no adults anywhere. But I also remember the sensation of being lovingly watched over, feeling like I could run forever. I think that was my very first awareness of God, a more than ourselves moment. And I've come to learn that even in difficult and painful times, those moments can still be captured and appreciated if we keep our eyes open. Discovering His presence in the seemingly ordinary moments, and clapping our hands in thanksgiving.

158 - twirling around with your eyes closed

159 - pink peonies and tarnished silver

160 - the music of old wind chimes

161 - picking cackleberries

162 - still life

163 - gold

164 - wood elf


monix said...

As always, a lovely start to the week. Thank you.

Alexis said...

When I was a kid I loved twirling!
Great list. Love the windchimes and the cackleberries!! (haha!)

Cheryl said...

What lovely blessings to count. Great to enjoy the outside again and bring it inside as well. I love your windchimes, too. I have an urge to get a hammer out and make some!

Joan said...

In gratitude for the loveliness you capture, and find ways to express, a quote about artists, from J.G. Holland (family friend of Emily Dickinson) comes to mind:

"Into their souls he breathes his life, and from their hands it comes in fair, articulate forms to bless the world."

Wood elf, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I had to google "cackleberries". :)

Layton Family Joy said...

I love the old wind chimes!


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, wonderful pictures! I think your climate must be a bit ahead of mine, though my roses have begun to bloom, and my daughter has peonies in bloom already (she lives about 5 miles from me) and I think mine will open tomorrow, at least a few of them........And the acorns...I love acorns too and just now thought that perhaps if I put them in the freezer for a bit when I first gather them in the fall, I won't have them getting wormy later on....That would be nice.

Amy Danielle said...

Adoring your pictures! Gorgeous, they speak a thousand words!

Also, I appreciate your frequent visits to my blog and you gracing it with your sweet, encouraging comments.

Wanted to let you know I did a little tinkering at my place today, and added your blog to my blog list. :)

JoAnn said...

This is so so SO G-R-E-A-T!
Your blog is turning me into a cheerleader!
I love the gold, the still life, the windchimes, the cackleberries(!)
Of course you would have a wood elf. You seem like the type.
I love it!

Jodi said...

JoAnn, yes I am the type ;)

Amy Danielle, thank you very much.

Kristi, we've had unusually warm weather in these parts. I never heard of freezing acorns before.

Vicki, :) *cluck*

Jodi said...

Alexis, who doesn't love twirling?

Joan, thank you for the beautiful quote.

Monix, I'm always happy when you visit.

Cheryl, good luck with the wind chimes. I've heard old silverware works best.

Joy said...

darn girl, don't hurt nobody...

hee hee hee

love the photos especially the peonies and the picture of the cake.


Jodi said...

Joy, hahahaha...go mommy, go mommy

imchosen4worship said...

Not only do you pick cackleberries, but doing so in bare feet! How lovely! :^)

Rattling On said...

I'd never heard the word cackleberry for an egg before!! The peonies are beautiful, mine are just about to flower...which always means the weather will turn bad and they'll be blown away! Thanks for the lovely comments you've left over at mine, Dawn.

Melissa said...

Lovely post! Your pictures are nourishing to the eye, and your gratefulness is just what I need for the spirit today! "Cackleberries" made me smile--we, too, have laying hens, and I think the new term will stick, here! And your peonies are gorgeous. I'm hoping ours bloom for son's graduation party next week. Thank you for taking time to blog. I've enjoyed my visits here, so much!

Kerrie said...

ahhh, I missed this list on Monday! It is a GREAT one! I love your pictures, especially the twirler and the windchimes. I've always wanted to make a set like charming! Hope you week was blessed.


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