Monday, May 3, 2010

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Counting blessings

Life is funny. I was looking forward to telling my friend Carlo about my last post. Sometimes I would show him my blog on his ancient laptop computer, which would take for - ev - er to load. I don't know if he was that impressed with my blog. He would always ask questions like, "How did this get in there? Who's reading it? Who pays for the storage?" He made me laugh.

Carlo passed away suddenly last week. He was not only my friend. He was my mother's husband. They met and married a few years ago. He was a good man and was good to my mom. He was a hard worker who could not abide laziness. He was a veteran, a gardener, a tough guy with a soft heart. I will miss him.

134 - the camellia bush growing in my garden because of you

135 - Sitting in your kitchen watching old movies

136 - Hearing you say "whaddyamean ya never saw 'Bridge Over the River Kwai'? Ya gotta rent it. Write the name down. Ya can't appreciate it if ya see it halfway through. Write the name down - you'll forget. I'm telling ya, write the name down - you'll forget. And any movie with Joe Pesci in it. He was a great actor, Joe Pesci".

137 - Always asking about my chickens, and always acting surprised when I brought the eggs - "Your chickens laid these eggs? No kiddin!"

138 - Impressing my youngest with your ability to do a Rubix cube in under five minutes

139 - the old black and white pic mom gave me: Carlo, soldier, age 21 (handsome fella)

140 - a million other things - love you


JoAnn said...

I'm sorry. It's wonderful to have so many treasures from him, left behind for you to remember in gratitude.

Rayanne said...

Hello friend...I'm back from a rest. I wanted to pop over to my favorite blog spot and I found your post to be the blessing giver post...I love that. I am going to join in someday. One thing at a time for me right now.
I'm so sorry for you,your Mom and family to lose a dear one, my prayers are for you.

imchosen4worship said...

So sorry for your family's loss. He sounds like a wonderful man - and now that I have been properly inspired, will finally watch "Bridge Over the River Kwai."

Carol said...

So sorry that Carlo has passed away and pray that your happy memories of him will help you through this sad time. Bless you.

keLi said...

i love how you captured him here ... without all of the cliches we use when we lose someone. your description makes him seem like someone i might have known...

Rhys Lake said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the life of such a great man. I'm sad to not have had a chance to have met him, but from the great stories and things I've heard from you and from Joy, I'm absolutely convinced that he was a great blessing to your family, and especially to your Mom.

I agree with keLi - you captured him so well in this post, we're praying for you.

Love Rhys

Jodi said...

Dear Everyone, I am truly touched by your soothing words of kindness. You all even made my husband's eyes misty. Which he says, being German, isn't easy to do :) Thank you.

Nancy said...

I think telling someone's stories is one of the best ways to honor their memory and pay tribute. Thanks for writing about Carlo.

Quotidian Life said...

This is a lovely tribute to Carlo~thanks for sharing your everyday memories of him. May your mother and all your family be blessed with God's perfect comfort at this time of loss.

Helen said...

I agree...and may his funeral be a special time of sharing memories of him :)

Joan said...

Oh, that another great tree has fallen.
The photo (the fact that he survived a war and lived to tell...and plant camellias) and your heartwarming description of his salty character make us all sorry. We're praying that your mom can make it through.
I awoke this morning grieving for my dad (who's still living.)
Lord, Help us seize the day.

Alexis said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. What a blessing, to have had someone like that in your life and all the memories you will carry! When I was done reading your post, the way you described him made me feel as though I had missed out by not knowing him.


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