Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thankful for days of quiet breathing

holy experience

Counting blessings

152 - two reasons not to make the bed

153 - my little herbal heaven outside the kitchen door

154 - green herbs in red sauce

155 - tranquil rooms

156 - afternoon naps

157 - 300 year old sycamores

158 - blue shadow, green light


JoAnn said...

Can I come over, borrow a cat, a couch, some herbs in red sauce? :P

Alexis said...

This list is so warm and cozy! I especially love the last picture, I could hang it on my wall!
I laughed at the pictures of your kitties on the bed and the caption. On any given day, I can come up with at least 5 reasons not to make my bed and I don't have any cats!

Stephanie Ann said...

I love your herb garden. It's simple but pretty and right near the kitchen. The photos are very pretty.

Jodi said...

JoAnn, you're welcome at any time!

Alexis, if I can figure out how, I'll send you one.

Steph, thank you!

Amy Danielle said...

Great list yourself!
I *heart* the flower box.
Very cool. :)

Jodi said...

Thank you, Amy.

Rayanne said...

Oh that tree is wonderful! All those pictures are wonderful, I love how they all told a story of thankfulness! How wonderful!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the blog suggestions--love that you're a colorist. My husband thinks there are only four colors--red, yellow, blue, and camouflage.

Also, I'm coveting the flower box with the pottery shards a little. Actually, I'm coveting it a lot. I really do appreciate you artists. I'm just art-challenged.

Taylor said...

I loved all your pictures! Thank you for sharing! :)


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