Monday, July 26, 2010

Easy basil lemonade

This a family favorite on hot summer days when there's plenty of basil in the garden. I suppose you could make it using homemade lemonade. I've never been good at making that, so I use frozen :)

1 can frozen lemonade
1 generous handful of fresh basil leaves
1/2 cup boiling water for steeping basil leaves
sparkling water
borage flowers (optional)

Here's how:
In a pitcher, mix the lemonade according to the directions on the can.
Substitute some of the tap water for the 1/2 cup of "basil tea", discarding leaves.
Stir, then top off the pitcher with some sparkling water
(I use about a cup of lemon flavored mineral water)
Garnish with borage flowers

Yummy and thirst-quenching...try some!


Amy Danielle said...

Oh how ironic- we must both of us have lemons on the brain. I just posted a lemonade recipe myself. Kindred spirits. :)

Looks lovely.

Jodi said...

what a co-winky-dink! ;)

Cheryl said...

I've never thought of putting basil and lemon together. I have a greenhouse bulging with basil, so I must give this a go. Didn't know you could buy frozen lemonade. Not sure where I'd get it, so I'm going to have to make it from scratch. It looks yummy.

Rayanne said...

I've not heard of basil in lemonaid! For the first time, I have grown lemon basil this year, so now I can not wait to try your recipe...looks yummy.

JoAnn said...

Hm. I must come over for a speck of lemonade with a sprinkle of flowers. I must.

Jodi said...

JoAnn, please do.

emily wierenga said...

lemonade is my favourite summertime drink. this made my mouth water. :)

Jade Lee said...

so the basil gives the kick?

Jodi said...

It does, bro! So when are you and Nick comming for a visit?

Jade Lee said...

ahh hoping for early/mid november if everything goes to plan :P sooooooo keeeeeeeen

Anonymous said...
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