Friday, August 6, 2010

Of Books and Berries

Reading books and picking berries are among the most worthwhile pasttimes, in my estimation. Here are two great places to visit:

Calling all book lovers...please take note of the new little button widget for Lanier's Books on the sidebar of my blog. If you enjoy reading or collecting old books (antiquarian gems and gently-loved jewels, as my dear friend refers to them), one click on the button will take you to her blog and the link to her newly-opened online store. Lanier herself is a gifted writer, so either way, a visit there will not disappoint.

Calling all locals, be sure to check out Indian Orchards, an organic, pick-your-own, family run farm. It's located along PA 352 on Copes Lane, Media, between Glen Riddle and Knowlton Roads.

We love going here in the early morning. It is so peaceful and quiet, except for the buzzing bees and chirping birds, but those are joyful noises.

Happiness is... an activity that everyone in the family enjoys, i.e. eager participation, no one dragged along, etc.

Berry picking is best done in the early morning hours - by noon, the sun will start to bake your head, and it is no longer that activity that everyone in the family enjoys (learned this the hard way)

berry nice :)

not a bad take, eh?


Anonymous said...

when i was a girl, me and my little neighbor boy would walk through the woods behind my house and pick as many blackberries as we could fit in a bowl, then take them back to his mom and ask her to make us a cobbler. and she always would. and it was always soooo goood, with lots of sugar on top of the crust...

Rosie said...

As a lover and new collector of antiquarian gems ... thanks for the link!

Leslie said...

I clicked the button. I was hooked the minute I saw the photo of the first shipment of books all tied up in brown paper parcels and string. Lanier's books WILL be bookmarked.

I know I keep saying this, but I'M JEALOUS. Those berries and Indian Orchards look like something out of Anne of Green Gables. I keep expecting Marilla to walk around the corner of that barn. (If you're not an AOGG fan, you need to become one. Books and DVD.) Great photos.

P.S. Your comments made me laugh. Loved the Irish joke! YOUR DAUGHTER LIVES IN NEW ZEALAND? Was she living there when they were making Lord of the Rings? Please tell me she was, and that you got to visit the set! (And I'm really sorry about the popcorn and the movies. I'm sure if it was you crunching I couldn't possibly hate you.)

Alexis Hallum said...

I love old books. I love books!
We have tons of blackberry bushes on the trail behind our house. The girls and I go for walks at snack time.
If I lived in your area, I would live at that farm. There is something so wonderful about picking fruit and veggies straight from the earth!

Rayanne said...

Great link.
and boy.....that's alot of berries!
Enjoy, and have a great weekend, friend!

Southern Gal said...

I'm a lover of books. My husband and I love cracking open the cover of a newly acquired book. Thanks for the link.

We went blueberry picking Friday and were finished by 10:30. You're right - early morning is the best for berry picking. Now if I could only find blackberries that huge around here.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Delicious! We always enjoyed this as a family! And even now, my grandchildren enjoy picking mulberries from my trees, one white and one black. And this year we had blackberries from the few canes I have, which usually dry up before fully developing.

Sara said...

Two of the most delightful things - books and berries! You are talking my language now!

Jodi said...

Leslie, she wasn't there when the movie was being made, but the country is Hobbiton. :)


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