Sunday, November 28, 2010

Merci beaucoup, mon Dieu

"Let integrity stand guard as I wait for you."
Psalm 25:21

Counting blessings

292 - first night of Advent

293 - pomanders

294 - flour covered fingers

295 - when the house smells like pie

296 - the ridiculously extravagant birthday cake from our favorite French bakery that my family blesses me with every year

297 - the heavens declare...

holy experience

Joining Ann today


joanny said...


Perfection --- love the photo's and the psalm Merci beaucoup, mon Dieu to You ......

"Let integrity stand guard as I wait for you."
Psalm 25:21


-t- said...

happy belated birthday! :D

Vicki Munn said...

i love your cake! it looks extravagently yummy.

Nancy said...

Well, if there's anything worth being ridiculously extravagant over, celebrating your birthday would definitely have to be it. When was your birthday? Happy, happy, happy to you, and multitudes of blessings in the year ahead!

Leslie said...

happy happy belated birthday!!! i love your advent wreath next to my very, very favorite of your paintings...

Jodi said...

Nancy, my birhday was yesterday, but every eight years or so it falls right on Thanksgiving.

Leslie, thank you.

Jodi said...

Joanny, -t-, and Vicki, thank you too! xo

Val said...

A Lovely post!
Love & Best Birthday Wishes from us too!!!!

Kara said...

Happy birthday Jodie!

Once again it is a lovely experience to stop by and wonder at your creating. What an inspiration you are!


Kit said...

happy birthday, Jodi! I'm glad to share a birthday month with you (and Lucy!!). that cakes looks AMAZING!

Ostriches Look Funny said...

Happy thanksgiving! HAppy Birthday! I'm so glad you got a fancy cake, and chocolate to boot!
your home looks so cozy. I may move in with you, you know, until the boxes in my house disappear...or until I move to a different house, or what?
Happy Advent.
That's three happy's, so I hope you're happy.

Cheryl said...

Lovely looking cake. I love the smell of the house after a baking session.

Happy belated Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, enjoyed reading your blog after a busy day at work! :-) I really enjoyed your sharing the lighting of your first advent candle I will try and get mine posted as well, advent is my favorite season, may your Christmas season be filled with light, love and laughter!

deb said...

Happy Birthday, Jodi.

I love your Advent wreath.

I love Advent.

(and I sent you an email after you commented on my post , and then realized that your address isn't given with your name. oh brother. I want you to know that I am touched when my writing means something to people, something re their story. I don't want it just to be about me , you know. so thank you for getting me, and for giving me a piece of your heart too. )

Jodi said...

Deb, xox


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