Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Texas Thrifty

The lovely Leila @ Like Mother, Like Daughter(http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/2011/05/chatty.html)asked the question, "Do you like thirfting?" Yes indeedy, we do like thrifting at our house. But the rule is, 'something in, something out', so we're not just accumulating a bunch of stuff. And it has to be beautiful and useful, a la William Morris. "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

Looky here. A beautiful--to me--vintage, enamelware double-boiler, and graniteware colander thingy. Now I no longer have to stick a small pot in a frying pan to do my double-boiling. And the colander, wowwie! Where I live, old graniteware, no matter how beat-up, is expensive. So this was an amazingly cheap find. I'm imagining just-rinsed, deep red strawberries sitting in it. I think it's pretty enough to plop on the table.

Next were the books. I don't think I'll be painting china anytime soon, but it did have some excellent illustrations on how to paint fruits and flowers. And the added bonus: folded inside the book were some delicate tissue paper sketches that must've belonged to the previous owner. How nice!

I actually got a whole bag of books for $1.78, and most of them went to Calamity Jane.

The 1957 copy of Winnie the Pooh came home with granny (clears throat) for when grandchildren visit. And the primary hymmnal, circa 1929, was too sweet to resist. I find a lot of comfort in reading the words of old hymms.

Do you like thrifting? If so, what have you thrifted lately?


Jen said...

I am a thrifter, too, and I love your advice about "one in-one out" and the quote from William Morris. That really helps to keep clutter out of the home.

We have the same double broiler, only the black trim is red. It came from my grandmother's house.

Hana - Marmota said...

Oh yes.
Recent acquisitions:
An old photo. Which is beautiful. It will come up on my blog later this week.
And a 3/4 sleeved soutached T-shirt which is both useful and beautiful.
Thanks here for the quote from Morris, too. I should memorize it and repeat to myself every time I go shopping.

Graniteware, wow! I didn't know there was such a thing! I must have encountered it, but didn't realise it was a distinctive thing...

And Winnie the Pooh naturally had to go home with grandma... :-)

Anonymous said...

i like thrifting, but it is something i am going to stop doing as much. i have been taking all of my accumulated goodwill purchases back to goodwill as of late. spring cleaning! i need to restrain myself, or i will end up with a house full of junk like my mother- haha. actually, i thrift at her house quite often.

your winnie-the-pooh looks cool. i would have bought that too!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I love that William Morris quote, and agree wholeheartedly! The older I get the less "stuff" I want and in fact I'm always trying to get rid of more. Your treasures are very special and I can see the beauty of them too. I don't do much thrifting...except for used books...can't stay away from those used bookstores!

Cheryl said...

What a good idea to stick to - one in, one out. I love thrifting, but I'm trying to stick to buying the things I need rather than the things I might need in the future. Oh, so tempting at times, but I picture my husband's face when he sees the item entering the house and that usually curtails my purchases.

Jennifer said...

I worked at my church garage sale Monday and found an old cloth bound A. A. Milne, "When We Were Six" that I couldn't pass up. I have a little antique mall a couple of miles from my home where I love to spend an afternoon browsing and looking for treasures.

Amy said...

I haven't thrifted much. . . only wool sweaters for felting really. But your finds make it quite tempting. As to the item in means and item out theory, brilliant. I do that with my sock drawer, but need to expand it further!

Julia said...

What I love about thrifting if that each item comes with a story, with a history. That, to me, is lovely!

Leslie said...

old books yes, but other thrifting options around here are pretty dismal. plus, i'm impatient. i love your vision of the strawberries in the graniteware colander "thingy" (i never even heard of graniteware before.)
i also love the expression "looky here," which you no doubt aquired during your sojourn with those texas cowpokes... and calamity jane :)

Leila said...

Oh, you got some excellent stuff! You know I'm jealous of the enamel ware :)

Thanks for the link!

Joy Lake said...

I love thrifting too (or opportunity or "op shopping" as we say here.) I especially love doing it when I am visiting you. Although, my best vintage finds over here are my fur stole and those German Christmas ornaments that I gave you.

Speaking of your one in one out rule, I could always help you out with that on my next visit ;)

Joybird said...

1929 children's book, The Overall Boys in Switzerland. Gorgeous and 33 cents!

Joan said...

I love getting surprises at thrift shops. I feel as if what I find was put there for me!

Fun, indeed, but all that pales in comparison to the joy of seeing Calamity Jane in action on this and the last post. Wish I could take just one wee bite.


Jodi said...

Me too, Joan. <3

Emily Young said...

I LOVE that Winnie the Pooh book!

I always try to go thrifting and I never find anything good like that. Once I did get an Old Navy sweater and I was very proud of myself :)


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