Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quiet thinkeries

Thanking God today for all the little things, noisy or no, that make me feel quiet inside.

Counting blessings

432 - the thunk of wood against an iron pot

433 - good linen

434 - oil cloth

435 - a green place to keep my thinkeries

436 - the darkness before the storm that begs for a kerosene lamp

437 - rainy afternoons that beg for a nap

Joining Ann today


Ostriches Look Funny said... keurig warranty didn't make this list? hehehe. Love you. I love your lists. they make me see...more.
so thank you, my friend.

monix said...

I'm so glad I stopped by before setting off on my journey for a family funeral, you always give me so much to think about and to be grateful for. Bless you.
Maureen x

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A beautiful list of things to make you feel cozy and surrounded by beauty.

Laura said...

Such beautiful blessings, Jodi! I wanted to thank you for your recent words of encouragement over at the Wellspring. Your advice makes sense. I think one-on-one time might be part of the prescription. Thank you for your prayers. I have been so blessed by the women God has brought me together with in this online community.

Jennifer said...

Such a lovely, quiet list (except for that oilcloth tablecloth which I love!). And your rumpled napping photo makes me want to take a short nap on this rainy Monday :) Bless you, friend!

Nancy said...

I love that you describe the place you keep your thinkeries by color. Thought of you when writing today's post, my art friend!

Leslie said...

i love your quiet "thinkeries"...

Amy said...

"thinkeries" . . . while I've never heard your voice, I somehow hear your "voice" saying this:) We're having a rainy afternoon, and my bed may have just whispered "Nap?" to me. Oh my, now I'm hearing voices!

Cheryl said...

Always good to make time to think. I think I should go mad if I didn't! Weeding and spinning seem to be my time at the moment. Hands busy, but mind free to wander!!

*****Shelly***** said...

I love your list! Beautiful! Counting gifts with you... :)

mountain mama said... have good thankfuls!!! :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Lovely thinkeries! Oil cloth brings back good memories of meals around the family table in my childhood....and the idea of an afternoon nap is strongly calling me at this very's a warm afternoon here today.

Emily said...

Storms ALWAYS beg for kerosene lamps :) I like your bedspread, too.


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