Sunday, May 20, 2012

Go Make Something (as seen on Pinterest)

Pinterest is addicting. Especially for distractable, "ooooh, shiny!" people like me. I have to check myself, otherwise I could spend a long LONG time perusing. I don't feel so guilty when I'm actually inspired to make something from it instead of just looking and pinning. Ok, let's be honest, I really don't feel guilty at all about just looking and not making. But here's some look-and-makes I've been playing with.

Project #1 - making a storage table out of a vintage suitcase
from Pinterest, Ashley Poskin,

my version - the man kindly put on the phlanges (I think that's what they're called) to attach the legs. I got those and the table legs at Home Depot.

Next, wrapped the suitcase in a plastic contractor bag and screwed on the legs.

Do you know you can buy these spray paint trigger handles in a craft store? They make spray painting anything a dream - so easy to use. Seriously, I had a brief fantasy about becoming a graffiti artist. That's how much I enjoy using the thing.

Done and done.

Now I have a cool place to store all the paper junk I keep for collages and what not.

So much more attractive than the cardboard boxes I was using.

Project #2 - mending jeans
from Pinterest, Mending Jeans, linked from

my version. It's not easy to photograph your knees.

Project #3 - food mill planter
From Pinterest, DIY by AshleyAnn,

Eeeek! When I saw this on Pinterest I was so excited because I have one of these food mills that I kept simply because I loved the shape of it. Now I know what to do with it.

How about you? Have you seen Pinterest and have you been inspired to make, cook, or decorate from it?


Joy Lake said...

Yay! First comment heh heh...

Your honesty in this post cracked me up. I especially loved your fleeting desire to live on the other side of the law. As far as my own Pinterest creativity goes, I'm mostly guilty of pinning more than creating though, it's more for lack of funds at the moment than anything else. I have cooked about 7+ dishes from Pinterest though so I guess that counts. By the way, where and when did you get that feeder thing?

Jodi said...

The feeder thing? Do you mean the food mill? It came from grandma's house. 7+ dishes YES that counts. Can't wait to talk, and I want a copy of those photos of you and princess T.

Quotidian Life said...

I love your Pinterest projects, Jodi. We're receiving lots of creative inspiration for Pinterest as well. I'd love to follow your boards--can you link to your account. I've started a Completed Pins board, which encourages me that I'm really doing something with all my Pinterest inspiration :)

Shrinky said...

I've never even HEARD of this site, never mind made anything from it! I simply adore that vintage case table you've made, how clever is that? And what a cute idea for a planter - isn't it fab? What a great post.

Brandee Shafer said...

I really, really love the suitcase project, Jodi! I've cooked / made quite a few things from Pinterest...mostly b/c I have a deal w/ myself that--if I don't--I have to stop using it. I made a Tried It & Liked It board; after I try something, I either move it (if I liked it) or delete it. It's working for me! My latest project was fudgesicles for my kids (frozen Nutella and milk). Yummy! Messy!

amy said...

look at you go mama! pinterest is the perfect thing for you because you do all the crafty stuff... me, i see it and say, oh i want to do that but i never do. wait, i did knit something from there once. and i have used a couple decorating ideas... so i'm not a complete pinterest failure.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What clever ideas. I love the suitcase holder for your ephemera. I try not to look at pinterest because I'm also a bit magpie like in my attraction to shiny bits! And I waste too much time already. But if you can get such good ideas.........I'm tempted!

Tamara Murphy said...

Love it! I want to follow you on Pinterest - how do I find you??

Jodi said...

Tamara, Thank you!

Nancy Franson said...

Do I follow you in Pinterest? Probably doesn't matter, cause I'm sort of Pinterest challenged. I end up pinning lots of words to my boards. Go figure.

Anyway--yes, I think I do follow you. That's how much time I spend on the site. BUT . . . I love watching what you do. Love, love, love the table. And, no I'm not surprised about your graffiti artist fantasy :)

Jennifer said...

Oooohh, I love all of these, Jodi! And I can get lost in Pinterest land (sigh). I have not seen that handle for spray paint but I will definitely look for it now :)

Janie Fox said...

I kinda gave up pinterest because it was a rabbit hole for me and I never did a blooming thing off of there. I love the suitcase thingie. Several years ago I attached a suitcase to a cute table and I still use it in my bedroom. Pinterest would have been impressed if it had existed. Why didn't I think of that?
I have an old silver trailer that used to be part of a truck...I think it carried chips...anyway I keep it behind the barn for storage and I desperately want to graffiti it and fix it up and play Boxcar Children. If I ever get to are hired!!

Ostriches Look Funny said...

I think you'd make a fabulous graffiti artist.

love the suitcase, the jeans, the whole package dahling. xoxox

Cheryl said...

Sniff. They won't let me play. I think that I've asked so often that they have probably blacklisted me. Lots of my stuff pinned up there, but they don't want me...sniff.

Now, the spray attachment sounds fun. You need to find a big board and try out some designs. It would be so interesting. I had to smile at you finding it difficult to photograph your knees. Never tried, but now I see what you mean.

Melissa said...

Love it! You inspire me, as always, friend! Keep making wonderful stuff and beautifying the world!

Leslie said...

i love what nancy said about being pinterest challenged. for some reason all those images overwhelm me. you, however, are a wonder. and i love that you painted the legs red :)

beatrice De said...

Yes, that became fashion in the Hippy time.

C'était à la mode du temps des Hippies.


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