Saturday, June 30, 2012

At sixes and sevens

Have you ever heard the very English expression at sixes and sevens? The meaning has something to do with confusion and disorder. I picked the title because those were the ages of the kids I taught last week. If you've been following my posts, you might think me confusing since I had told you I was done with work for the season several weeks ago. That was not a prevarication (I love that word). I just forgot to mention that I also teach hearth cooking at camp during the summer. Three weeks of camp--not consecutively, thank the Lord.

The first day I was quite concerned as to how the week would pan out. I planned to instruct my seven little dears in the art of making noodles from scratch. It was a cloudy day and the farmhouse kitchen was dark, so before we started, I lit some candles.

Little girl 1: Ooh, goodie--fire! Can I light something? I love burning things.
Me: Ummm, no.
Little girl 2: You like burning things? THAT'S cool. I like ripping heads off of dolls.
Little girl 3: Hey, everybody. I do a great impression of a zombie...wanna see? Wanna see? [Extends arms, makes blank expression, growls. Little girls 4 through 7 mimic]
Me: [Silently shoots quick prayer to heaven; attempts to regain order] We're making noodles, everyone. Noodles!

As the week progressed, they got with the program and really were a sweet bunch. I think their being able to wear colonial clothing helped in the calming process. It was neat watching them play at being 18th century maidens, lifting the hems of their gowns, pinkies extended, as they trotted daintily about.

I didn't have to wear my usual colonial garb--hooray! It's HOT there in summertime.

Also, I was glad for the denim that protected my "seat".

Bitten for the first time by a particular inhabitant of the farm, I now know the true meaning of getting "goosed". *ahem*

All in all it was an enjoyable week with the littles and my talented co-workers, who taught paper-making, working a cider press, animal care, and other cool stuff.

Besides the noodles, we made butter, gingerbread, corn cake, ginger beer, pickles, and ice cream colonial style.

Next post I will have some more pictures with recipes. Because I know you're all dying to eat homemade noodles and wash them down with ginger beer. Right?


Southern Gal said...

I'd love to take your class. I guess sharing the recipes will make up for not being there. Getting goosed was one of my biggest fears every time we visited a certain lake in our area when I was little. I really don't like those birds.

Leslie said...

this post made me smile (especially the part about the goose)

Amy said...

Right:) I wish you could come here for tea, and I could come with you on your adventures. Well, except for the goose part. You shine so bright, Jodi.

Sara said...

Noodles and ginger beer! Tasty! Wow, I would have loved wearing that colonial garb when I was their age. And learning things like this.

SUGAR MOON said...

You are such a neat and interesting person. I would love a recipe for ginger beer. Can't wait. Have a great holiday week!!!

Anonymous said...

those kids were fortunate!!

Zach said...

Good classroom management technique there. I would have been too unnerved at the "I like to burn things" comment to go on.

Geese operate under the belief that the were put on earth to inform everyone else when they were in the wrong. The fringe benefit of this job lies in the fact that the goose does not believe that anyone is capable of doing right, and thus they are justified in verbal and corporal "correction."

Cheryl said...

I bet you kept a special eye on girl number one. Just in case. What a fabulous class. My little ones would love a week like that. Heck! I'd love a week like that. Who am I kidding! Shame you are the other side of the pond to us!

I hadn't thought of sixes and sevens being an English expression. The rest of the world must be less flustered. Looking forward to our very own virtual cooking lesson.

julie@OnePennyJumblePacket said...

The kids' comments -- I laughed out loud -- not just an LOL -- a real honest-to-goodness crack-up. You're the perfect person for that job, Jodi. Keep a sharp eye on those pyromaniacs and blood-thirsty doll-hunters.


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