Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Dinner Music

We've been making our own tomato sauce (gravy) for years out of the stuff we grow in the garden. Mike and I have always wanted to try and make homemade pasta to go with it. Gnocchis seemed the least difficult since you don't need any fancy kitchen tools. Now, I want to apologize to any real Italians who make their own pasta and might be reading this(Joan). Please be kind; it was a first attempt. The gnocchis weren't pretty, and we were afraid they would be so dense and heavy that after eating, we wouldn't be able to swim for, like, a year. The cooking fairies must've been smiling on us though, because it worked! They were light and fluffy and comforting. Since our youngest is still recovering from her knee injury, some comfort food was just the thing. So, without further ado, here's a silly little film Bron and I made to celebrate our family's culinary experiment, with homage to Rosemary Clooney:

Alla fine


Joy Lake said...

Delizioso! My stomach is singing amore just looking at that bowl of pasta.

Southern Gal said...

Yum! I want to come eat at your place.

It's Just Dottie said...

So fun and so delicious.
Smiles, Dottie

Anonymous said...

o hi friend :))))
you all are too fun over there!
so talented. so smart. such nice kitchen fairies to help you. and you make your own sauce. wow. i have a kitchen witch hanging in my kitchen...perhaps that is the problem. i could attach wings to her back and take away her wooden spoon broom, and maybe my culinary skills would get tremendously better!
hope the baby is feeling better too.
love u ~ xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awesome song and I loved the pics you put with it. Sooooo funny!!! I was laughing inside!

Anonymous said...

thanks for realizing it was me. sigh. i google my name and the other one shows up - which means i am paranoid. graceandglory, like who used to be much afraid. one of the bestest books i ever read ;)

Anonymous said...

eh mumbo, mumbo italiano, go,go,go...
I watched the film five times! mmmm. The gnocchi and gravy are mouth watering! I think I spied a fairy, rather a Signora Bella in the garden. And that basket of veggies!
Glad to see that Bronwyn is using her convalescence being creative!
Love it!

Rosie said...

How wonderful ~I want to come to your house for dinner (and the music ;)!
Tel Bron I hope she is up and about soon!

Ostriches Look Funny said...

You are the most adorable. I love that song, it makes me want to party. And eat. And maybe sometimes, cook.
You are my favorite acorn, especially when you are acorning Italian style.

Beth Stone said...

Mmmm... looks delicious! Love the video and music selection too - lots of fun. :o)

Simmy said...

Hi Jodi,

Mmm tomatoes from your garden - I remember how delicious they were. All these years later I found some biodynamic tomatoes locally that are really tasty(and much nicer than the bog standard ones usually available over here). I thought I might make some gazpacho and was wondering if you could share your lovely recipe with me please?

Sorry to hear about Bron - hope her leg mends quickly.

Lots of love to you all. As usual always in our thoughts. (Raj said the other day I loved our American holiday. Me too everyone chorused wistfully).

Simmy xx

Aqeela said...

Ive made gnocci a few times too but i still dont think ive got it quite right. We never get enough tomatoes to make a sauce, just enough for picking and popping into the mouth straight away!
Thank you for sending my prize, i shall let you know when its here, i cant wait!!
Aqeela xx

Nancy Franson said...

Cooking fairies!

You crack me up. And there is such artistry in this whole piece--from the photos to the video to the beauty of the sauce itself.

And I love me some Rosemary Clooney.


jewels said...

We-here watched this again and again {we're crazy about you, you know}, and loved it so. Oh, I can't wait to be seated 'round that table of yours one day. Lord willing, I do hope that it's so. Thanks for the inspiration, and the *fun*. That merry, childlike heart of yours just overflows with *fun*, dear Goody Lenz. Makes all the little ones (and the big ones) here delightedly glad! Miss you. Thinking of you {and yours--especially lovely Bron-on-the-mend}, and praying for you. xo

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This looks so fun and so delicious! I send prayers for Bron to heal well and in just the right amount of time for the best healing.

I make Hungarian nokedli (supposedly inspired by gnocchi, but using a little hand machine to shape) by hand, but have never tried real gnocchi. And now I'm trying to eat no carb!

Leslie said...

That looks YUMMY. (And I'm glad you can still swim.) Also glad Bron's injury has not affected her creative flair :)


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