Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garden of Verses

Counting blessings

My parents had gotten divorced. My dad would take us every other weekend for "visitation." That's what they called it back then.
On summer weekend mornings, I would wake up before dad, sneak out back, and plant myself on the wooden steps of his yard. The morning sun had made the steps toasty. Still in my pajamas, I'd sit there, eyes closed, hugging myself, enjoying the grassy smell of the air. After a time, I'd get up and wander to the chicken wire fence that separated dad's backyard from the Browns' yard. Morning glories with their sky blue trumpets unfurled wrapped themselves all along the fence. Staring at them, I'd feel the overcoming closeness of something Holy. It eased the hurt.

Then there was the time when I was a kid that I learned to listen to plants talk. Grandmom would water african violets on her window sill. "Watch and listen," she'd say. I'd see water bubbling on top of the potted soil and hear a gurgling sound. "See," she said, "the flower is saying thank you."

With head bowed, I say "thank You".

#492 For good memories still green

#493 backyards

#493 our own grown-up patch of earth that my man and I can tend for a time.

#494 for bees buzzing God song

#495 seed that took

#496 a quiet place to consider things that neither toil or spin.

#497 Romans 8:19

Joining Ann today


SUGAR MOON said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of the cat.

Nancy Franson said...

Hey you! Was just about to wander over and see what you'd been up to when your post showed up on the old FB feed. I figured it was providential.

I love the stories behind your pics. And I love me some morning glories.

Southern Gal said...

So sweet that your grandmom taught you to stop and listen. Love the list.

Jodi said...

Thanks, friends. I had to repost, because some of my original text had disappeared.

It's Just Dottie said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your blog and how much I like what you have to say?

Joy Lake said...

I love the part about the flowers saying thank you. The garden looks amazing. I wish I could see it in person. xo

Amy said...

"For good memories still green." Love, love that. What touching sharing. That, the gratitude, and the pics are all so rich and green.

Janie Fox said...

I love the urn pic. Love the idea. We are burning up here. No rain in weeks and weeks. I drag a hose to hear those thank you's.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I needed to read this, just now....I've been drifting away from counting my blessings, and I have so many. It's ungrateful not to at least say, "thank you" for them. Thank you Jodi. I liked seeing your list of blessings and all the beautiful pictures. My grandmother used to grow the Heavenly Blue morning glories.

Connie Smiley said...

Loved reading this, Jodi! Good to see how God comforted you, using His beauty, wrapping you in His arms.

Aqeela said...

Ive just got 1 chapter left to read of Ann's book and when ive finished i want to write a post all about it as its so inspiring.
Aqeela xx


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