Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pulling a Rabbit Out of the Hat?

Not a rabbit, a Renee at Southern Gal Thoughts! Congratulations, my little bunny! Heh heh.

My lovely assistant

Renee, send me your info, and I'll mail it off. Once again, I wish I could send everyone a present. Thanks for playing!


Southern Gal said...

Thank you, Jodi! You made my day! Well, my son made my day first by calling me to tell me Happy Birthday - on the wrong day! So funny. He says he's going to call tomorrow to just because he's on a roll. This is a lovely birthday gift.

Stephanie Ann said...


Leslie said...

Your assistant is indeed lovely (and she is wearing the same shade of nail polish as Emily, at the moment. No kidding.)

Jodi said...

Leslie, I miss Emily! Give her a hug for me.

Nancy said...

Yay Renee!


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