Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Travel, part II

The Pennsylvania Colonial Plantation is a living history museum and working farm. The plantation offers workshops for school aged kids each summer. There they learn 18th century farm life, foodways, and crafts.
Some examples of the camp offerings include: hearth cooking - building a proper fire to bake in a beehive oven; basketry - soaking reeds to weave a beautiful basket from scratch; pottery - handbuilding period items; farming - interpreting techniques and animal husbandry of the colonial era. There really is so much more than can be captured in this small space.
I taught a pottery class during this week. I would love to have taken more action shots of what was being taught by the talented instructors, but being busy with our workshops, I was glad to grab some pictures on the last day.


Zach said...

Great synopsis and pictures. I like the little pottery pig.

Anonymous said...

Those rolls and desserts look super yum! -- julie

Jodi said...

yeah Julie,the woman who taught the cooking workshop is fabulous!


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