Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Our local library sells used books in their basement - 50 cents for a hardback book, and 25 cents for paperbacks. So happy to find these treasures. Didn't notice the theme until I got home. Actually it was my partner in crafty crime that pointed it out to me. I am one lucky duck.

My partner in crafty crime, a budding author, got lucky as well!


Anonymous said...

WOOT! is right good find partners in crime! The bird book is awesome looking. You got to love birds. I always have and now, being in a completely new country, my eyes are even more open for them everywhere I go.

I find it pretty amazing to see birds I've never seen before or knew existed.

The other day I saw the tiniest bird that was brown and yellow with a bright red face. And it's awesome to see jewel-toned brids just grazing by the highway.


Anonymous said...

VERY cleverly written, my friend! I have discovered in the last year or so that I love birds - a love that is helped along by my cockatiel, Jake.

And, yes, I LOVE to buy books on the cheep! (pun intended)


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