Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fyri's Cake, or using up the apples

I absolutely love this cookbook. Not only does it have delightful recipes, but it has beautiful, clear, and instructional photos throughout. Any seasoned baker would find Swedish Cakes and Cookies most enjoyable, yet this book would not be intimidating to the beginner. I made Fyri's cake, also known as Apple Sponge cake. Who knew something so pretty could be so easy to bake.

Oh my gosh, the inside color of the Hidden Rose heirloom apple just kills me...

This and a pot of tea - a perfect autumn afternoon.


ouburi said...

The cake was really, really good, especially with the whipped cream on top. Thanks!

Jodi said...

your welcome xox

amy said...

Yum, looks scrumptious!

Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is lovely.


Alexis said...

At first I thought you treated those apples with something. I can't believe they grow that way! The sponge cake turned out beautiful.


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