Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guest artist

In this house live some very talented and dear friends. One in particular - Mary - is quite a gifted young lady, and I asked her permission to feature her as a guest artist on Curious Acorn.

Isn't this beautiful? A few months ago, Mary gave this as a gift to our family. She admired this prayer that she had seen in a church bulletin and reproduced it in handwritten italic. I love the illuminated style of the initial letter. In an age of scanners and copiers, I appreciate the time and patience it must have taken to make something so lovely.

This is the family's art studio. Many exquisite creations have come out of this room.

I was happy to receive a mini-lesson from my young friend.

Mary also made this charming box. It's an example of Pennsylvania German folk art using milk paint. Their mother Joan taught her and her sisters this technique. Joan is a woman of many talents. I hope to feature her and her work in an upcoming post.


Zach said...

Lovely post and lovely calligraphy. Ms. Mary is incredibly talented (not that anyone didn't already know that :-) )

Niamh said...

The calligraphy is so neat! I did my bachelor's thesis on the sumi e paintings of the samurai. The sumi artists are generally known for their calligraphy and will spend a lifetime just learning to write their name properly. It's awesome that Miss Mary is learning the Western version of such an art. Mary is so cool. I wish I had friends like her when I was in high school, I would have had so much more fun. I want to be a mommy in pursuit of inspiration and creativity like you and Ms. Joan so Izzy can grow up to have an appreciation of history and art, and so that she will be inspired by her own looming curiosities like Mary.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jodi, I like the pics that you chose. They turned out well. Thank you for putting the pictures on. Your descriptions are beautifully said. Thankyou for your sharing your talents with us too. I remember making soap with Zach which was so much fun. I also loved canning tomoatoes with you and doing the pasting the pics to the boxes in your basement with Joy. We cut pictures out of cool old pic books. We did so many things with you throughout the years so thankyou for sharing your gits with me too. Zach, thankyou so much for your lovely comment. Calligraphy is something that I get into. I like doing Copperplate which is on one of the pics of me showing your mom. Niamh, thankyou for your comment also. That is so cool that you did a report on sumi paintings. Someone I know does Chinese characters and she said it takes a long time to learn it the right way. You are so cool Niamh too. Izzy is so cute and you are such a good mom I am sure that is full of imagination. I love world history so much. It is one of my favorite subjects. -Mary

Dee said...

The box is gorgeous. I love pennsylvania dutch folk art.

Jodi said...

Yes Dee, my friends make many beautiful things in the PA Dutch tradition.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joy said...

Love the post. Mary is a great artist to feature. I agree with Zach and Niamh; Mary is awesome and so talented. I'd never seen any of her calligraphy before but it's stunning. I love the milk paint boxes too. I remember being at her house just before Christmas last year and there being so many of those beautiful boxes that I don't know how anyone could choose just one :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments Joy! You are so talented too. The calligraphy is really fun to do. Painting the boxes take a lot of patience but the end product turns out so well. You are so talented too. I remember pasting the pictures of the cigar boxes with you a long time ago. It was sensational. The Christmas tour last year was great! I loved it. -Mary


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