Sunday, November 15, 2009

Counting Blessings #3

holy experience

10 - Having my girl home...guess what we're planning?

11 - The beauty of wood

12 - Tools

13 - Clean clothes

14 - Windowsills (one of my favorite words - I don't know why)

15 - Shadows

16 - Gravad lax (no, I'm not kidding)


Niamh said...

I want to help plan the wedding! Save some planning for me! I love looking at the pretty bridal magazines, and getting crazy decorating ideas and trying to figure out how to develop them for an event. I can plan with amazing speed and efficiency too! (Ask Zac, it scares him!)
I like windowsills too, the deeper the better. I like them covered by drapes and adorned with candle light and kitties! I once lived in a place with really deep sills, and when I moved to a place with super shallow sills it took the kitties 4 months to understand that they could not fit their bums on the ledge.
I was just explaining to Zac how people from the western US don't understand lax, especially lax on bagels. I didn't even know what lax were until I was 22, and I still have not tried them...but seriously fish for breakfast? So odd...
I am thankful for babies that are so spoilt that they don't cry for what they want, they simply fuss.

Jodi said...

hey are lax and lox the same? Yes, we'll save wedding planning for you. Can't wait to hold that fussy spoiled baby.oxo

Niamh said...

Is the same thing as far as I know, and have googled lox and lax are the same thing. Wedding planning is so much more fun when it's your sister in law's wedding, for Zac's wedding that was too much stress dealing with my parents and law school so delegating the planning and maintaining veto power was the best way to go. So since this time I get to just look at pictures and dream with you guys about how things will look and play out I'm really, really looking foreward to talking everyone's ears off about wedding planning! And letting the baby stimulate the daylights out of some fresh minds for a time!

Joy said...

Love all the yellow running through the series of pictures. It definitely ties them all together. Especially love the picture of Wink (the kitty) it looks like it should be in a gallery or coffee house.


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