Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homeschool Art Adventure

What happens when you combine eleven homeschoolers, four moms, two hot plates, and a ton of oil pastels? A colorful explosion of amazing creativity. The other day I had the privilege of hosting a group of the nicest people in my home studio to enjoy a morning of experimenting with oil pastels and other media. We ended the day with a shared lunch, sweet treats, and pleasant conversation over cups of tea. Thanks, moms, your kids were great. I had a wonderful time.

It was a tight squeeze, but nobody complained.

A variety of expression...


Melting pastels on the hot plate was very popular. I love sharing this technique.

Adorable - "Can you find the gnomes?"

Gorgeous sage and apple cake made by Miss Fiona (a.k.a. Phyllis ; a.k.a. Lyceria). And let's not forget the delicious chocolate chip scones, peanut butter chocolate thingys, and homemade applesauce. You guys spoiled me. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

How perfectly lovely!
Mrs. Jodi! Thanks soooooo much again for that day! It was a great experience and we all had a great time! Thanks!
I am really hooked on pastels just right now and maybe soon (more like a couple months) you'll recieve a little something in the mail if I can pull it off... hint hint... using the wonderful lettering book plus your lesson!
Thanks to you all for your work! Glad you liked the hobbit treat... Loved being with you guys as always! Like the pictures... :)
Hey! Tell that partiner in crime of yours that MJ hat/locking in the chicken house/sabatoshing w/ leaves/signs ooooooo spooooky /piano/FOOOOD/everything made up a quite lovely time!!
Thanks so much for taking the time!! We appriciate it so much! Several people told me many times how cool you guys were and how much they enjoyed your house!!

God bless!

- Fiona/Phyllis/Lyceria... blah blah blah etc!

Niamh said...

Ms. Phyllis has a future in baking! Not only does the cake look yummy, its presentation is so beautiful! Well done! The pastels look like a lot of fun, but forgive me as I am partial to the more edible art forms.

Anonymous said...

The little artists and their work are so great!!! I'm so impressed!
Thank you for teaching the pastels and modeling an example of an artist. The kids see your love of Beauty in your person, in your work, in your house, and in your family...I don't know if they knew they saw it, they were too busy enjoying their new medium- quality oil pastels. Thank you for sparing nothing for these budding artists!
I wonder how many of the class have continued their passion for the rich, creamy colors at home-quite irresistable! We have a couple of masterpieces going that were started the evening after the class!
Many Thanks,

monix said...

This looks like a perfect day. How I wish I lived nearby!

Jodi said...

I wish you did too!


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