Monday, November 2, 2009

Counting Blessings

holy experience

I found this amazing blog called Holy Experience. I was knocked over by the post The Beauty Challenge: Because God's Everywhere. I found myself saying yes, Yes, YES with everything she wrote. One phrase in particular grabbed me - His Daily Art. The questions were asked, does beauty hurt? can the discarded become vessels for beauty? do I have the eyes to see? I'm thankful for her sharing this conversation. I wish I could have been a part of it. So I decided to join the challenge Multitude Monday - a Thousand Gifts. It's simply a way to count and list your blessings up to a thousand.

1 - Sharing the past 28 years with this wonderful man (pictured here holding our first grandchild)
2 - The blessing of seeing your children's children

3 - Light through a window

4 - Apple trees and the people who grow them

5 - Hands


imchosen4worship said...

So many blessings with such little time to count them all! An impossible task since we have a God who is always giving MORE ... but well worth the effort. Thanks for the link and the reminder. To God be the glory!

Niamh said...

This reminds me of the Amy Grant song "Angels watching over me" when she sings about the reckless car running out of gas before it runs her way. I try to make it a habit to think about my blessings rather than just asking for more all of the time, and I like to think about all the blessings that I have been given, but that I don't know about...

Treasures on GOD'S mountain said...

I am enjoying sooo much all of your 'posts', and keeping track of you......
I have enjoyed your family photos as well...
Congratulations on the 'grandchild', to U & beautiful !!!

Treasures on God's Mountain


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