Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Found things

Ever since I was young, I've collected bits and pieces of nature. I enjoy taking walks, tramping through woods, and keeping my eyes peeled for bird feathers, interesting twigs, bark, and of course, acorns. I've loved acorns all my life.

One of my favorite spots in our house is the living room bookshelf. On it sits an antique cabinet that holds my treasures.

Here's a peek inside. Of course, not all of these are outdoor findings. Some of these things have belonged to me since childhood.

Look at this spikey husk. I think it may belong to the chestnut family, but I'm not certain. If anyone knows, please tell me. Okay, now let's flip it over for the most amazing bit...

Can you see the little landscape--a grove of trees? God's art.


Niamh said...

I LOVE THE NUT!! The inside was awesome! I was not expecting that. I read "[...]now let's flip it over[...]" before I saw the picture, and was thinking 'ok, where is she going? I've seen the inside of a nut shell...' The tree grove was awesome! With all the little leaves and the shadowing (obviously depicting more dense woods). That was quite exciting!

Jodi said...

yay! God!

Joy said...

Love this post. You know, besides just see my family and kitties, whenever I think about visiting, I just can't wait to sit in the living room and look at the nature cabinet. It's my favorite room in the house. I think I am going to have to steal the idea of a nature cabinet for my house :D

Anonymous said...

Luv the nut! I also like the walnut basket!! It's soooo cute!! Love the idea as well! Very pretty! Love it!


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