Sunday, November 8, 2009

Counting Blessings #2

holy experience

6 - the return of the lost kitty.

7 - Autumn colors

8 - back roads

9 - engagement of our eldest daughter on Friday to the best guy ever...priceless


imchosen4worship said...

Congratulations all around, Jodi! Am happy for you as your list of blessings continues to grow. :^)

Jodi said...

thanks, Rosie dear.

Joy said...

Love # 6 and 9 esp. hee hee :D

But I think it's really cool that you added this to the blog. I think it's really important to remember all the little things to be thankful for as well as the big. It's helps not to take things for granted and shows that God cares not only about our basic needs but also gave us so much to enjoy as well.

You inspired me to write a few of my own...

besides many of the one's you've listed...

1. Birds, I love all kinds. Today I saw a pair of parakeets (wild ones) fly right in front of me as I was walking today. It was incredible.

2. Animals in general just amazing me and the fact that we can have them as affectionate pets.

3. Pine trees (love them trunks to needles to cones to sent to shadows underneath the tree)

4. Walking in the forest.

5. Flowers

6. The variety of nature.

7. The color of robin's eggs

8. Color in general esp. yellow and blue :D

I could go on but I won't take up your blog hee hee. It'd would be cool to hear what other's would list. What do you think?

Jodi said...

Ithink it would be cool too <3

Simmy said...

What lovely news CONGRATULATIONS. We are all so excited. Is Joy still in NZ?

PS parcel on it's slow way to you!

Niamh said...

in response to Joy:
1. The smell of cow dung in the air, instead of exhaust.
2. being married: Happily
3. watching a baby smile at her daddy...
4. watching a baby get even more tickled when daddy smiles back
5. 9 1/2 hour nights: with a 3 month old
6. a car that runs


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