Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Season's end

One of the most enjoyable parts of working in a living history museum for me is the period clothing. The outfit you see here is my favorite, saved for best. On ordinary days, I wear plainer clothing since it gets filthy during the course of a day in the life of an 18th century indentured servant. The outfits are not costumes, but pieces lovingly made by a woman who specializes in authentic historic reproduction clothing. They are fine, rich in color, and worth every penny. This being the final weekend before winter closing, the farmhouse is decorated with fresh greens to celebrate the holiday season. We served hot cider to our guests as they explored the house and farm. During the holidays. handmade crafts are sold in the farmhouse. As a lover of 18th century dress, and a vain one at that, I had been wanting a new cap for ages. Happily, I was able to purchase an incredibly beautiful linen cap made by a co-worker. Well, enough about my wardrobe expansion...what follows are some quiet photos I was able to take between tours.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty photos.
I love your 'best' outfit. It is so rich in color and texture.
The ole' homestead and its helpers look so lovely. All the details look lovingly attended to...nonething plastic or faddish; my eyes can rest.
America in one of her finest periods.
Thank you, all you re-enactors.

imchosen4worship said...

While I wouldn't go back in time to those days (because I'm too much of a techie-nerd) ... seeing it is indeed quite lovely! A nice place to visit - and a reminder to thank God for His many blessings.

Niamh said...

I love touring old houses like that one because I love the historic architecture. When the houses are dressed up in Christmas decor they look so inviting. I was reading up on the 12 days of Christmas and how in Colonial America the settlers would celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th and then continue celebration through Epiphany around Jan. 6th. I love that idea. I vote for a reconsideration and propose reverting back to the 12 days of Christmas rather than our 1 day!

Jodi said...

Niamh, let's do it...but you'll have to stay till January 6 ;)

Jodi said...

Rosie, if you're a techie-nerd, I'm a past-times nerd haha.


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