Sunday, January 3, 2010

Counting Blessings #10

holy experience

49 - airplanes that land safely

50 - hot water bottles and down comforters

51 - coffee served in bowls

52 - the kindness of strangers

53 - handmade mittens

54 - homemade caramel corn

55 - memories of summer with lavender fields


imchosen4worship said...

Coffee served in bowls? Yay! We're talking about popcorn bowls, right?

Jodi said... cafe latte bowls from France very pretty

Joy said...

I could provide a picture of coffee served in bowls ahahahahahahahahahhahahahah ;D <3

Jodi said...

I can buy a dozen doughnuts for $2.79 naneenaneebooboo :)


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