Saturday, January 2, 2010


Now that things are quieting down, I'm looking forward to spending these winter days painting. Canvases waiting to be played with are calling my name.

"The sunlight got in my eyes and I saw a strange picture," she explained. "A picture of all sorts of birds and animals in a wood."
"One sees the oddest things in woods," agreed David.
"What were you seeing?" asked Sally.
"Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a kingfisher. Though actually, a kingfisher is a bit out of the ordinary, isn't he? A heavenly bird."

Pilgrim's Inn
Elizabeth Goudge


Joy said...

Love the quote. There is also nothing ordinary about you pastel drawing.'s a lucky thing that it didn't "accidently" make it's way into my suitcase ;D

Rhys Lake said...

Haha yeah I wouldn't mind it having accidently slipped into Joy's bag somehow... very very cool painting! We should have a paint-off sometime! :P

Niamh said...

Birds always have so much more going on in their minds than what people give them credit for. Only one who ever loved a bird would know it. Their brains are small to fit into small heads, but their minds are broad as the sky. Perhaps it is because the birds know they are stupid creatures, that they seek to gain knowledge...but if you watch, birds are always thinking, perhaps not pondering philosophically, but definitely curious little creatures. I love that the pastel picture above shows this nature of the bird.

Bickerstaff said...

You're so right, Niamh. For a humorous but insightful proof into the breadth and depth of bird-dom, read The Blue Jay Yarn by Mark Twain.

imchosen4worship said...

I wouldn't mind it accidentally slipping into my house! :^) However, I would lose drastically in a paint-off, Rhys ...


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