Sunday, January 10, 2010

Counting Blessings #11

holy experience

56 - libraries

57 - the smell of libraries

58 - new hot water heaters

59 - hot baths

60 - beeswax candles


imchosen4worship said...

Who doesn't love the smell of libraries? Always has been one of my favorite places to be! Of course, some of today's libraries smell sterilized (and rightly so), but it's one place I don't mind finding dust ... along with quaint, little bookshops!

Jodi said...

Speaking of quaint bookshops, have you and Gary ever been to the Book Barn in Chester County? It's not little, but it's great fun, and smells great too!

imchosen4worship said...

No. We'll have to look it up! :^)

Anonymous said...

One of my Favorite quotes about books:
"Where is human nature so week as in a book store?"
What a beautiful picture of books! *Sigh*


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