Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter food - hearth or home

This is a very easy throw-together meal which can be cooked on a hearth fire or a conventional oven. I threw it together one day at my workplace, an 18th century colonial working farm. The woman scheduled to cook was unable to come and I was their last minute substitute. Totally unprepared, I had to use what was on hand at the farmhouse. I'm happy to report that three farm hands and three Revolutionary War militia men were happy with the results. I was graced with the title "Iron Chef", since at the farmhouse we use iron pots. Here's the recipe:

- 1/2 lb. bacon or sausage
- 6 apples
- 2 large onions
- 6 potatoes, parboiled
- 2 butternut squash

In a dutch oven, brown bacon or sausage. Rough chop peeled apples, onions, and squash (actually I don't peel the apples). Add to pot. Parboil potatoes for a few minutes. Drain and add to pot. Salt and pepper to taste. Place lid on dutch oven. Hang over a hearth fire or bake in conventional oven at 350 degrees F for about 45 minutes. If cooking over fire, time can vary - check and stir.

You can make this dish without meat as well. Just use a knob of butter instead.
Either way, it's a hearty dish and goes great with some crusty bread.

Speaking of which, I know a lot of bloggers have already talked about this book - that's how I found it. It's so easy to use. You make up one batch of dough, store it in the frig, and take dough as you need it - it will keep for ten days. The only catch is you will need a baking stone and a bread peel. But I have to tell you it's so worth it. I think that they will pay for themselves after the first two or three batches.

A snippet of one of the many delicious recipes.

Here's the finished product. The bread really does come out looking this good.


Joan said...

Wow, Jodi. The bread looks delicious!
The up side of this drear and cold winter is a drafty kitchen made warm by a frequently used oven.
I hope to get a copy of that book (hint hint,- a possible Valentine's gift, Bill?)and send luscious fragrances throughout our house.

Jodi said...

He can order it right off my blog side bar!hint hint haha

Quotidian Life said...

This is our daily bread as well. And, I make it without a peel or stone as they aren't available where we are--just use a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan. The Pumpkin Oatmeal bread is good too.

Jodi said...

Melissa, it is a great book, isn't it? I will give the Pumpkin Oatmeal a try.


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