Monday, January 11, 2010

Friends, fellowship, and fufu

One of the joyous adventures of life is meeting new people and forging friendships. I can't think of a better place to start than in the kitchen. Food is "people glue", because no matter how different we are, everybody eats. This weekend we hosted some friends from West Africa, and together we had a blast learning how to make a meal from their homeland, Liberia. Many thanks, M- and Z-. We learned so much and we appreciate your friendship. Thanks also to D- and K- for taking the pictures.

If you've read along this far, push the start button, and welcome to my kitchen...

In the pot: smoked fish, eggplant, beef, onion, HOT peppers, toasted sesame seed ground into paste, peanut butter, and did I mention HOT peppers (whew!)

Sharing stories while cooking

You need muscles to stir fufu - this is a starch made from plantains. It reminded me somewhat of polenta, or a giant gnocchi!

M- showing us how to form the fufu "pattie".

Let's eat!

Absolutely delicious


monix said...

What a wonderful experience. I love to share my kitchen with people from different parts of the world; we learn so much more that way than from books. I'm going to make your sausage and butternut squash recipe today and I'll imagine that I'm visiting your kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I like the video. That's really fancy. Now you have to find a way so we can smell the food scents wafting out of your kitchen.

Jodi said...

Hey monix, good luck with the sausage and squash recipe. You're welcome to my kitchen anytime--maybe one day in person!

Jodi said...

Dear ouburi :)

You're right, and it did smell good.

alive2003 said...


What a fun time that was! I'm looking forward to the second installment, considering we get to make fufu AND their favorite American (read "Italian") foods. I'm going to try the recipe for the sausage and butternut squash soup - it looks delish.



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