Monday, January 18, 2010

Why would you want to make walnut ink?

A. Because I was always curious about how it was made
B. I do things like this when I get cabin fever
C. To appear productive while avoiding housework
D. All of the above

Black walnuts grow in abundance in this area. How foolish it would be to just let them fall to the ground and lay there (or is it LIE there, I can never remember).

I collected this windfall in the fall (heh, heh). They look like fuzzy green tennis balls.

Stuck them in an iron pot and forgot about them for a few months. They dry out and look like dark brown leather balls.

There are several recipes out there for making walnut ink. I used the method Making Walnut Ink by Madame Elizabeth de Nevell, CW via Google. Simmer and soak the walnuts. The process takes about a day.

Straining the solids

Pouring the finished product to an antique ink bottle that you just happen to have lying around (with homage to Martha Stewart)

And there you have it! I'm planning a future post on making quill pens from goose feathers - natural companions of walnut ink....


Stephanie Ann said...

It looks good. You'll have to do a few sketches for us.

Val said...

looks great
love the reasons! lol esp d

Jodi said...

Hey Steph,

When you come on Thursday maybe YOU'D like to make a few sketches with it, 'cause I know you're very talented.

Jodi said...

Hi Val,

Choice D is the story of my life. I despise housework, yet I also despise a messy house - there's the rub.

em said...

What a pity that we don't have black walnuts here, as all your reasons (especially C) are valid in my house!
Will it fade very soon - or will the next generation be able to read your love letters?

imchosen4worship said...

It makes me smile to think of all the lovely things that lay ... lie ... be around your house!

Jodi said...

Hi em,
Good question; I should investigate because I don't know the lasting powers of walnut ink. Although I read somewhere that if you get it on your skin, it takes days to wash the stain off.

Jodi said...

Hi Rosie,
Thank you. :-)

em said...

The strange thing is, that some of the things that are impossible, or hard, to remove from clothes and/or skin, are not colorfast when you dye with them (cherry stains for example). Margaretha

Pat said...

That is so interesting! Your drawing looks fantastic, too. :)

Jodi said...

Thank you, Pat; however, I can't take credit for the drawing. It's a rubber stamp that I painted with walnut ink.

alive2003 said...

I'm absolutely astounded at this, Jodi! You've made walnut ink... so creative!


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