Sunday, August 29, 2010

Choosing to count

holy experience

Joining Ann today

Counting blessings

You never know
You never really know
And you can't have people figured out.
One friend came in
Out of nowhere with lit
Sparklers in both her hands for me,
And saved the day when I had run away
To envy and black feelings
And the world at night
Could see the greatest light
Too much light to deny.

from July
Karen Peris

220 - red Converse

221 - tree love

222 - fresh peaches

223 - the "it's not really good for you, but we don't care 'cause it's delicious" homemade trail mix

224 - thrifted mats

225 - things that sparkle

226 - moths and mint

227 - Royal mail

228 - sunlight at 5 o'clock


Leslie said...

Oh, so much to love here.

This phrase: "And saved the day when I had run away
To envy and black feelings"

And your sparkly things, and Royal Mail (in a brown paper parcel, just like Mr. Tumnus.) Do you save the packages? We do.

And your sunlight at 5 o'clock.

Hoping the dark places are well lit, now. Still eating crunchy things?

Jodi said...

Leslie, still crunching. We are navigating some rough waters right now involving ill parents. But the sky is well lit. xo

emily wierenga said...

i love things that aren't so good for us yet are so delicious... and we need those sometimes, and i call it worship cuz it's me trusting that he loves me... and i'm praying you know he loves you, friend, as you overflow in care for your mama. love you.

Misty said...

jodi, i'm sorry to hear your mom is sick. i am happy with you that you can count--no, that you can even see--those good gifts. and you've got some lovely ones listed. do you call that "trailmix" gorp? i was on a mission trip the first time i heard that acronym (good ol' raisins and peanuts) and thought it so funny.
and i don't know if that is your hand in the mail photo, but whosever it is, it makes me a little weepy b/cs it reminds me of my meg's beautiful hands-they are home to me. brown, and worn, and working, and all efficient love.

Jade Lee said...

loving the trail mix! :D haha

Leslie said...

So sorry to hear that your parents (mom?) are ill. I've been there myself, and the waters are rough, indeed. I'll be praying.

Jodi said...

Misty, yes, when I learned to make it a long time ago, it was called gorp. And yes, that is my hand. :)

keLi said...

ok, so i read the poem and immediately pictured the scene from the Ya Ya Sisterhood movie (cute, but not as cute as the book) where the Vivi character is praying up to the night sky with lit sparklers in her hands... do you know the scene?

tell me you know the scene.

Jodi said...

HI KeLi, no I dont know the scene,and I never read the book.:) July is a song by my favorite group The Innocence Mission from the CD Birds of my Neighborhood. I love this group and I own almost all of their stuff. They are so worth a listen.

Nancy said...

I have had a friend bring me three-foot sparklers which we stuck in the ground and lit together. Joy indeed. Love the tree love. Praying you will be a river of grace to your mom today. Blessings, friend.

Claudia said...

it's just so good to have friends like the one you write about who manage to bring some light into dark circumstances…and i love the pics - especially the peach tree….mmmmmh

Vicki said...

my fav on your list this time is red converse. i wear black ones, but i may trade them in for red soon, orange, pink, yellow? polky-dotted with sparkles? hmm.

Kara said...

Lovely pics!

What a wonderful list. :)

I love the sparkly things too.


Ostriches Look Funny said...

Praying for you Jodi.

Jodi said...

JoAnne' I can feel it.:)

Kim Hyland said...

Jodi, thank you for your encouragement. I've often thought "it won't define who I am" and "it won't have me" goes right along with that. I will pray for you, friend, and take comfort in knowing someone who understands is praying for me as well.

There truly is "Too much light to deny." I love #228. Just as it welcomes us to the morning, the 5 o'clock sun invites us to evening's rest.

Melissa said...

Just beautiful, as always, Jodi. What a blessing you are to us who visit here. God be with you, friend.

Rachel said...

It is always encouraging to see your pictures and read your lists!

So sorry to hear about your parents, praying for you and yours!

Emily Young said...

Royal mail is the best! : ) There's nothing like a parcel from England...

I'll pray for healing for your parents, and strength for you.

Anonymous said...

I love the Homemade Trail Mix - I want some please! M&M's mmmmmm :D
Love Rhys

Amy in Peru said...

aw. the tree love and the trail mix... and THRIFTING?! oh now I'm jealous ;)

amy in peru
...where there are no thrift stores :S

Alexis Hallum said...

You have been on my mind so much Jodi and I'm praying for you and your family.

Love that thrifted mat! I once found a iddy biddy suitcase that said "off to grandmas house" and bought it for my daughter. TREASURE!

I gotta go, our puppy just peed! on my couch. :/

Joy said...

Love all your pictures. And trail mix!!! ohhhh to be able to have some..besides we all know that the walk to the kitchen counts as exercise so you need a little energy from the trail mix.

deb said...

I read this but didn't comment , sorry, but I'm back to add my gush. I do so love the way you see.

oliviasbiopiclog said...

Images are breathtaking.. such a beautiful write.. Blessed is the friend and you to be inked so lovingly.. :D

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