Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Godly love endures beyond life's hurts by pulling us relentlessly toward the never-diminishing care of the Father."
Bill Crowder

oil pastel on canvasette

I'm not eager for your wounds,
But I know they are faithful.
Putting self to death
And my heart full-blown will live again
Like a tulip in the doorway of your house.

Joining Emily today


Nancy said...

God's relentless love--so grateful for this. So grateful for your gift.

Ostriches Look Funny said...

Praying for you sweet friend.
I've been pulled after a lot of wandering about, not excited...but I'm glad God doesn't get his feelings hurt, because I NEEDED Him.

Jodi said...

Me too, JoAnn. Me too. Love you, friend.

Misty said...

jodi, this is beautiful. full, expecting.

i love the image of heart as tulip in his house/doorframe, but, too, the relentless pull that all we go thru has as its obligation to center us back to him.

Brian Miller said...

a beautiful picture of resurrection...and yes it happens...and He holds no grudges in grace...

Leslie said...

The reference to tulips is interesting to me, because I thought of Renoir when I saw your painting. The child has a look of wistful waiting. Is she waiting for some discipline, which, while just, is not pleasant? Or maybe she's just thinking about being a tulip...

Wandering On Purpose said...

love this

keLi said...

what a minister these words are ... i needed this today.

Rachel said...

Hupomone :-)This little word you shared with us when you first joined Imperfect Prose has helped me so much. May you be filled with hope and endurance Jodi!

joanny said...


Your painting is superb, it reminds me of a
Flemish Style from one of the old masters, beautiful words, interesting to note you choose a tulip for a heart, they are a short lived spring time flower, but one of the first to herald in spring.

Carpe Diem,

deb said...


and what you said to me Jodi.
How can I thank you?
I so cried.
Thank you ,
love to always

emily wierenga said...

another gorgeous painting... like a tulip in the doorway... i love your way, jodi. xo

Ruth said...

Your words and painting are so stirring. The little girls eyes seem to say I trust you...hold me.


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