Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kat in the hat

Congratulations to Kat of the charming blog The Rose Garden. Please let me know me where to send it, dearie.

Thank you everybody for playing along, and for your overwhelming kindness. I wish I could send everyone a prezzie. And I really mean that. xox

Thanks to my daughter Bron for being the unbiased hat-holder-name-picker for this year's drawing.


Leslie said...

"Kat in the hat!" how perfect is THAT? A Dr. Suess title, and right off the bat!

Kat said...

Oh hurray! Oh what fun! I am so pleased. :)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

foiled again!!! well, there"s always next year right?
just watched The Art of the Steal a doc on the Barnes Collection and it's fate...and as art in PA i thought of you and wondered your opinion...

hugs and love!

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so happy! Do you suppose she'll share? Jodi, your title brought a smile, as so many of your words and ways do. Always finessing the language. Love it. Bron is a darling hat holder/name picker. Hi Bron!

Rachel said...

:-D Jodi clever title you and Leslie made me laugh! Congrats to Kat!

Thatfowlergirl said...

Hi, Melissa! *Waves frantically* Thanks for the very nice compliment. :)

Special congrats to Kat, as well. :D

Leslie's comment made me crack up! I love Dr. Suess. ^.^


Joy Lake said...

I love Leslie's comment as well xD


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