Sunday, July 24, 2011

Want to walk with me?

Counting Blessings

430 - morning walks on the path to my workplace

"Paths are there for us to follow,
This is gospel I believe
Angels are around us flying,
Truth and mercy to receive
Pictures of uncommon nature,
Painted by a masters hand
Draw me ever on life's journey,
Rendered thus to understand."

Song by Reeltime Travelers

Joining Ann today


amy said...

Beautiful song, I'm in love. Beautiful walk, wish I could take it with you. Beautiful friend, you are. Um... Okay, I'll end there but I could keep going.

Nancy said...

Yes. I want to walk with you. You really get to walk to work? Like in the old-timey days? Cool song. Reminded me of The Little Warvey Girls. ;)

Leslie said...

i love your little feet walking the path :)

and the music

and the path

keep cool, please!!! (how is hen?)

i am still not feeling well... sent you an email.

Chelsey said...

How neat to go for a walk with you! That song is beautiful... Thanks for sharing it...

Rachel said...

Creative post, loved the folk music and the message. Have a blessed week!

Amy said...

What a path of joy.
Keep watching the bees at my zinnias. . . think of you:)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Your lines have fallen in pleasant places, indeed! What a lovely walk...........I'm trying to imagine it in four seasons.

Emily Young said...

I loved that walk, and the music to go with it! Felt like a scene from the Village.

Emily Young said...

Oops! Posted using my Google account instead of Wordpress:

Melissa said...

Yes, I do! This was utterly delightful. I'm so glad you took us along. LOVE the song. Hope you stay cool...


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